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Land Power was established in 1986 in Hong Kong, an international city where East meets West, strategically located to oversee the enormous real estate markets in Mainland China, with its global vision in monitoring the trends & developments of the real estate markets in other parts of the world for the benefits of introducing appropriate new concept & developments into Mainland market trend.
Land Power with their alertness and sensitivity, close observation and broad vision, advance sales and operating strategy, innovative and unique execution methods, made them one of the leading real estate enterprise in China in less than 20 years.
Uplifting the Professional Standard OF THE INDUSTRY
As one of the first international real estate consultant group to enter the China market, Land Power took advantage of the development opportunity in the region, brought along with them their international market planning, operating and sales experience in agency, consultation and management services. 
The Group innovates and aims at the need of buyers, creating value for projects and developers, they have witnessed and participated in the property growth in the entire region.
Land Power has established a strong and huge sales network, with Shenzhen and Guangzhou, Shanghai and Nanjing, Nanchong, Wuhan, Changsha, Tianjin and Beijing as the core business bases for the Pearl Delta Region, Yangtze Delta Region, Eastern China, Central China and Northern China respectively to become one of the most influential consultancy firms in China.
Land Power was established in Hong Kong in 1986, approaching the real estate market with a professional attitude and by the end of the decade, Land Power has represented several major projects in North America and Southeast Asia with outstanding results.
The Group formally expanded into China in the early 90s and was the first agent which had sold over 10,000units of the mainland property to Hong Kong. The first branch was established in Guangzhou in 1993, and in 1997, the Group made Shenzhen as their base in China and rapidly expanded into other major cities at the turn of the century.  The Group formed the first retail alliance in 2002 for real estate developers and retailers creating more business and cooperative opportunities.
Now distribution covered over 110 cities in China, successfully handled over 750 projects, and accumulated with over 20 years of professional knowledge and experience, the Group is ranking amongst the top 3 in the Top 100 Real Estate Agencies in China.
During the 20 years, Land Power has established a corporate culture and value in the industry, fostered a team of professionals who are not only knowledgeable and experienced, but dedicated working harmoniously on an effectively integrated platform aiming for maximizing benefit of their clients.
Through research and analysis, transformation and innovativeness, Land Power has delivered quality services, new concepts and value.
  • Property Development Consultation Service
  • A strong knowledge and foresight in real estate development, economy and local policies has enabled Land Power to provide accurate and reliable forecasts on market investment environment and regional development trend and potential. 
    Land Power's one-stop consultation service has played a major role in their success and the success of their clients over the years.
  • Investment Consultation and Agency Service
  • A wide range of investment projects including the purchase and sale of land, residential and commercial properties serviced by a team of topnotch investment consultants, analysts and negotiators.  Our experience and understanding of the market movements and timely execution have been the key elements of handsome investment returns.
    1.Market Research
    Market and Marco-economics analysis
    Catchments-area analysis
    Project Feasibility studies
    Research Studies for special topics
    2.Market-oriented Development Design Consultancy
    Conceptual design suggestion
    Master planning design suggestion
    Layout plan design suggestion
    Exterior design suggestion
    Landscape design suggestion
    3.Residential Agency
    Market Research & Positioning
    Project Marketing Planning
    Marketing and Promotion
    Sales Agency
    4.Retail Agency
    Market Research & Positioning
    Trade & Tenant mix
    Project Marketing Planning
    Advise on shopping centre design, planning & layout
    Marketing & Promotion
    Sales / Leasing Agency
    5.Commercial Agency
    Market Research & Positioning
    Project Marketing planning
    Marketing & Promotion
    Sales / Leasing Agency
    6.Property Management Consultancy
    Handover arrangement of premises during move-in period
    Personnel management
    Landscaping management
    Financial management
    Clubhouse management
    Innovating WITH AN EDGE
    Continued innovativeness enables an enterprise to survive and prosper, with flexibility and strength, determination and creativeness, the Group posts as a market leader in different aspects, introducing new marketing techniques and served as an icon in the industry.
    Remarkable Performance THE LEAD OF THE INDUSTRY
    Benefiting from the best of both worlds, Land Power is kept abreast of the global property market, products and concepts through the international status of Hong Kong.
    Land Power had provided sales agency services for 750 projects covering over 110 cities and regions all over China with over 1 million customers in our databank.  Successfully building up a business network covering the Pearl Delta Region, Yangtze Delta Region, Eastern China, Central China and Northern China respectively to become one of the most influential consultancy firms in China, a demonstration of strength and the experience made the Group a growing force in the industry.
    A pioneer to enter the chinese real estate market
    Service covering 110 cities
    Serviced over 1000 developers
    Succeeded in 750 projects
    Ranking amongst the top 3 in the industry's top 100
    Close relationships with clients, the Group has not only learn the direction for real estate development but also the mentality of buyers. First hand information on the supply and demand of the market, conducting regular researches and organizing exhibitions, symposiums, project tours and training programs together with government departments to provide guidance for buyers and developers with their far vision, unique thoughts and macro strategic execution power has earned them respect and appreciation of fellow developers.
    Our future
    20 years in China - growing with the industry!
    20 years of innovation - proven success!
    As a fore runner in real estates development of China, Land Power has written their success stories with hard work, not pausing when faced with difficulties, taking every step forward cautiously.
    Looking back, past glory was just a glimpse of what lies ahead.
    Looking into the future, Land Power will expand their scope with vision, innovativeness and diligence to deliver the next epoch of real estate development in China.
     Head Office
     Room 801 .8/F., World Wide House. 19 Des Voeux Road Central. Hong Kong.
     Tel:(852)2810 0812  Fax:(852)2314 9232

     Sales Exhibition Centre
     Room 801 .8/F., World Wide House. 19 Des Voeux Road Central. Hong Kong.
     Tel:(852)2810 0812  Fax:(852)2314 9232

     Mainland Branch
     Room 1519-1522, Shenzhen Kerry Centre, No.2008 Renminnan Road, Shenzhen, P.R.C.
     Tel:(755)8235 0111  Fax:(755)8235 0345

     Room 1910 Plaza 66,Nanjing Road(w),Shanghai. P.R.C.
     Tel:(21)6288 3828   Fax:(21)6247 0290

     Room 1015-1017, South Tower, No.371-375 Huan Shi Dong Road, Guangzhou P.R.C.
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     Room 1502, Tower I,New World International Trade Center, No.568 Jianshe Road, Hankou District, Wuhan, P.R.C.
     Tel:(27)6885 0599   Fax:(27)6885 0259

     Room C5,12/F, Shangmao Century Plaza, No.49 Zhongshan Road(s), Baixia District, Nanjing, P.R.C.
     Tel:(25)8689 3266   Fax:(25)8689 3277

     Room 910, Huaqiao International Building, No.200 Furongzhong Road, Tianxin District, Changsha, P.R.C.
     Tel:(731)5125 603   Fax:(731)5126 803

     5F, Angel Business Plaza, No. 636 Hongcheng Road, Nanchang, P.R.C.
     Tel:(791)6500 976   Fax:(791)6502 318

     Room 1018, Diwang International Commercial Building, Nanning, P.R.C.
     Tel:(771)5593 388   Fax:(771)5593 588

     Room 5C, Wanshun Commercial Building, Wanshun 2en Road, Danshui Town, Huiyang District, Huizhou, Guangdong, P.R.C.
     Tel:(752)3736 396   Fax:(752)3736 116

     Shenzhen Baoan
     Room 1510, Baoan Post Building, 13rd Zone,Baoan District, Shenzhen, P.R.C.
     Tel:(755)2780 8181   Fax:(755)2780 8182